The Status on Blood and Bounty

The second novel in the Dragon Realms Saga is nearing completion but I still have much to write. I’m expecting to be done with this current draft by the end of the Summer.

Afterwards I feel one more draft will do it, then off to editing.

I’m shooting for a late 2019, early 2020 release date.

You’ll find that this book will explore the past of Avalon Bellerose, delve into the troubled mind of Wiccer Newson, and what the shadow organization of Dead of Winter is really planning.

This book follows Avalon as a figure from her forgotten past comes into her life once more to honor a life debt. There she help track down the dangerous Uther the Soul and capture him for the gladiator pits. However, the closer she comes to that goal, what reveals itself becomes bigger than she bargained for.

Blood and Bounty also find Wiccer taking his newly formed Varis ARO unit deep undercover to infiltrate the mysterious Circle of Shadows. a meeting of Cypress’s most infamous assassin clans. Who leads the Circle of Shadows? what is their true purpose. These things Wiccer must find out…without getting killed in the process!

I’m looking forward to sharing this exciting sequel with you guys, keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

Joseph Gillespie