New Book Cover Artist


Since 2016 7AHO from Deviant Art had been my go-to artist for concept work and my book cover. However, my new artist will be Megan Steadman!

Megan is a long time fan of the book series and its world. She has served as an artist for the short lived Vendetta’s Rise webcomic, as well as a contributing artist for designs in our store.

Her work has always been exciting and skillful, sharing a love for all things fantasy and assassins.

We connected during the 2nd draft of Vendetta’s Rise as she gave the story chance on a whim when finding it on my Deviant Art page. Finding out we had a mutual love and respect for Brent Weeks and his stellar Night Angel trilogy, we became fast friends.

I find it great that we will be able to support each other using this book series.

Megan will be working on the book covers for Blood and Bounty, Wayward Hawk, The Mage King, and Wintertide over the course of the next few months.

Expect to see artwork for those.

Joseph Gillespie