The story behind the Dragon Realms Saga

The Dragon Realms Saga began as a tabletop RPG that a friend and I developed as a means to just entertain ourselves while trapped in Jamica. We worked there a for a summer on a mango farm and aside from Gundam Wing in the afternoons, there really wasn’t much to do. So I did what I’ve always done out of sheer boredom, I made up a game.

At first this game was crude with no system other than “You find yourself in a gloomy room,” and “What do you do now?” Unlike most RPG’s there were no dice, all we had was a map that we made of five dragon looking worlds. A forest, desert, tropical, ice, and swamp realm.

It wasn’t until we got back home that we began developing the lore through playing the game over and over again with our different friends. After awhile we had a slew of stories and folk figures that dotted the mythology that we built up.

When I moved away from my hometown of Northampton Ma, I took the game with me. Whether it was Granby Ct, or the deserts of Iraq. Where ever I went, the game was a constant in my life.

Once I came home from serving in the army, the game had quite the following and a lot of people wanted me to write a book based on the lore that people helped craft. Thus Vendetta’s Rise.

The first book I decided to chose to focus on what I loved most in fiction: Assassins. I was a big fan of Brent Week’s “Night Angel” trilogy, which I blew through in a month. Thirsty for each book. Although Vendetta’s Rise was much different from Week’s creation, one could see the influence.

At first Vendetta’s Rise would be a stand alone book, then two books, then trilogy…and much later it was suggested to become a lore expanding epic saga.

And there you go. The Dragon Realms Saga was born.