Influences and Inspirations

There are a few sources that I like to look towards when I need motivation to write my stories. Whether they be books, movies, video games, or even art. I tend to surround myself with the things I gain the most passion for, most.

When I was at an airport I went to a small bookshop to pick up a book for a 3 hour trip. There I saw this cover for guy in a ninja costume holding some type of weapon. That book was “Way of Shadows” by Brent Weeks. Now, I’ve been a light reader in the past and only really cared for “Redwall” or “Watership Down”, but when I sunk my teeth into a book about a boy training to become this bad ass assassin…well I was hooked!

I gobbled up that book and the 2 others later on. I bought the graphic novel and immersed myself into any and all things assassin. I especially loved art with ninjas, thieves, or assassins as well. I moved to David Dalglish’s “Dance of Cloaks”, Brandon Sanderson’s “Mistborn”, I picked up Robin Hobb, The next series by Brent Weeks…just because he’s a god in my eyes. I needed it all.

As far as style of writing, keeping my action slick and over the top I favored Mont Oum, Ten Thousand Pound Action Company, and of course Bruce Lee.

When I writing, although I favor metal, I enjoy listening to scratch and low-fi hip hop. Music really blurs when I’m writing, so I appreciate the mood set by it.

And that’s my influences and Inspirations in a nutshell.

Joseph Gillespie