The Magic Hour

I often pondered when is the ideal time to get writing done. I found myself bouncing back between early mornings and late nights. Funny that I could never write in the afternoon.

They say that spirit world connects with our plane at twilight, If that’s true maybe I feel a connection to my soul at the hour where time and space stands still.

Armed with a cup of Starbucks’ finest coffee, I can burn through the late night hours like a long drag of cigarette. I can write from Midnight to 5 am easily. Granted this blows away any hope of being on a sound sleep schedule, but hey, that’s a lot of writing.

Other times I might wake up around 4 am and head to the closest coffee shop and just write from 5 am until 10 am when the rush comes in. I’m in a daze, not quite awake, but not asleep when I walk into that coffee shop. I’ll grab a hot cup of Joe and plop down and just write. No one else is awake to distract me, not even the sun.

So what is the Magic Hour for writing? Like the tootsie roll pop question: The world may never know.

Joseph Gillespie