I was raised in New England. Wolcott, Connecticut is where I spent my childhood. I had a vivid imagination while growing up near a massive wooden backyard. I created tons of games and stories for myself and friends, being exposed to fantasy at an early age. I contribute my love for my imagination to movies like Willow and books from the TSR universe. I’m sure He-Man and comic books played a large part in molded my head as well.

When I was a teenager, my family set out for Northampton, Massachusetts where I would spend the majority of my adult life. It was a fantastic town, full of culture and art. A stark contrast from the humble Wolcott. I picked up creative writing in high school. Mr. Brill, although eccentric in his own rite, was an excellent teacher. I learned that I had to write as much as I possible could, and when I couldn’t write another word…i needed to write more.

About the time of the September 11th attacks, I was about to graduate high school and I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. My parents were marines and my dad had always urged me to join the military. Life was barren for me and the war in Iraq was in full swing. It seemed like a good idea to join up.

I served as a tank mechanic in Mosul, Iraq. We played Vampire: The Masquerade and a game I helped design on Tuesday nights, crammed into our little chu’s. It was a great way to pass the time.

When I was finally discharged from developing an intense mental disorder, I found, myself wandering through life once more.

I dealt with depression, nightmares, survivor’s guilt, and psychosis. It wasn’t fun, but I managed.

These days I keep busy with writing books and working on art.