Book 1: Vendetta’s Rise

Vendetta’s Rise takes place in the fantasy world of the Dragon Realms and follows the origin of Elucard, Wiccer, and Koda.

Elucard is a child thrust headlong into the profession of assassin as part of the Black Rabbit clan. The Black Rabbits are ruthless in rearing and training young Elucard, teaching him combat, suppressing his emotions, and most importantly how to kill.

Wiccer is brought up to follow in his family's linage of becoming a soldier in the Guard of the White Cloaks. He is taught various virtues that make a strong leader, including loyalty, respect, and honor.

Koda is at the crossroads of his life where he must choose to either follow the path of a king or the path of the Arcane Guardian. He is taught in the mastery of the Magi and the ways of the mage.

Together these three young boys slowly become men with their seemingly different roads intertwining into an extraordinary clash of fates!


Companion Piece: Prayers and Songs of the Dragon Realms

Serving as a collection of poetry about the lore and within the world of the Dragon Realms.


“Angels swirl around me, waiting for my last breath
Eyes soulless and black, wings white like ash
I fear many things, but today I just fear Death
It had always been clear that I led an honor less life
And me Ma always said you sow what you seed
In my chest I struggle to remove his rusty knife
He stumbles back shocked to watch me cry and bleed
This is the hand I was dealt
This is the path I chose
This is the coming fall I always felt
Now my body will be given to the crows
The angels drop from above
I can hear them buff their wings
I only wish I had found love
That her and I could be bound by rings
That we’d bear a child that I could call mine
A home, a family, a life not this
Then maybe, all would be fine
But there is no one to cherish and kiss
Take me now, angels! I am no longer hesitant
Strip me from this world, I have no ties
Perhaps I would be better as a revenant
For I did poorly to heed the advice of the wise”